Songs for the Wounds

by Tamara Margvelashvili

7-9 December, 2023

Opening 7 December at 18:00

Grandmother Film Festival

15-17 December, 2023

Grandmother Film Festival celebrates grandmothers by screening personal films and animations about them. In some films, the grandmother has already passed away but is present through her objects and the memories of the grandchild. Vulnerability and death are also present.

In the films about grandmothers, we can often observe the diverse realities of old people in different countries. We encounter the daily routines of grandmothers and get the feeling of traveling to different countries, but not as tourists. Instead, we get permission to enter a very intimate situation from one family member, often the grandchild who takes us in a story, that has begun a long time ago and does not end with this film either.

Nina Chubinishvilis illustration