May 26, 2024
Power Is In Unity! Day of Georgia exhibition-concert-food-solidarity

15:00 – 21:00

Organised by Giorgi Rodionov and Untitled Gallery

Photos by George Nebieridze
Photos by David Apakidze
Poetry by Elza Javakhishvili
Videos by Khinkali Juice (Sophia Tabatadze and Nadia Tsulukidze)

Join us in solidarity with Georgia on its Independence Day! For the past month, Georgians have been bravely protesting to uphold not only their path towards Europe, but the fundamental human rights that Europe stands on. The heart of Europe beats in Tbilisi, where every protester embodies the values of love, peace, and dignity.

There will also be delicious Georgian food and wine.

May 18, 2024
#4 [Translit] “Printed Matter in Exile”

18:00 – 21:00

Organised by Penka Rare Books

Presentation of the upcoming issue #4 of literature and culture journal [Translit], titled “Printed Matter in Exile”, with editor Pavel Arsenev and authors Keti Chukhrov and Isabel Jacobs

March 29-30, 2024

Works by
Valentin Hesch & Oscar Kargruber
Readings by
Bryony Dawson & Pauline Kargruber

March 15-26, 2024
Fugitives from Culture

Exhibition about Polish unofficial art of the 1970s and 1980s, as well as the launch of our accompanying publication organised by Penka Rare Books.

“Fugitives from Culture” is a comprehensive documentation of unofficial art in Poland in the 1970s and 1980s, based on difficult-to-access, mostly handmade artists‘ books, magazines, multiples, posters and other ephemera, as well as photographs, drawings, and autographs. Art-historical interest in the still largely unexplored underground art behind the Iron Curtain is growing. These groups saw themselves less as „avant-gardes“ and more as „fugitives from culture“ who worked outside the established cultural institutions in East and West. Various groups developed new practices for producing, showing, critiquing, and archiving art.

Friday, March 15

Artist Zofia Łuczko, a member and unofficial archivist of the Łódź Kaliska group, gave a talk about the independent arts scene in Łódź, including the so-called “Pitch-In Culture” of the mid-1980s.

Saturday, March 23

Ewa Partum as a Cultural Producer: Galeria Adres (1972-1977)

A pop-up exhibition of Ewa Partum’s Adres Gallery,
presented by Berenika Partum

The conceptual artist Ewa Partum, who has lived in Germany since 1982, ran the Adres Gallery in Łódź, Poland, between 1972 and 1977. It was one of the most important unofficial art institutions in the country and the only one whose program was headed by a woman. In its time Galeria Adres fostered international artistic exchange and promoted conceptual art and mail art. As its director, Ewa Partum helped establish an international network of artists from neighboring countries, including Jochen Gerz, Wolf Vostell, Dieter Roth, Stano Filko, Jiří Valoch and other conceptual and fluxus artists. Works from the gallery’s archive have been included in many exhibitions, both in connection with Ewa Partum’s retrospectives as well as individually as a place of autonomous artistic activity in the 1970s in Poland.

Celebrating 90th birthday of Audre Lorde

7 PM
Screening of the film Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984-1992
Q and A with Dagmar Schultz the director of the film.

Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992 explores a little-known chapter of the writer’s prolific life, a period in which she helped ignite the Afro-German Movement and made lasting contributions to the German political and cultural scene before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Patrycja Rozwora
365 Days

2-9 PM
6 PM Patrycja and Sophia (from Halfsister) spoke to each other about the experience of drawing everyday for the entire year.

Patrycja is an artist, writer, and podcaster born in Warsaw, currently living and working in Berlin. Patrycja has dedicated herself to make one drawing every day in the year 2023 and exhibited all the 365 drawings at Halfsister.

Patrycja’s drawings can be seen here:

Can You hold the thread for me?: In Search For Remedies and Solace

Vorspiel 2024
A citywide program by spaces and initiatives around
Transmediale and CTM festivals.

By Petja Ivanova and Tamara Margvelashvili

6PM Talk between Petja IvanovaTamara Margvelashvili and Sophia Tabatadze (from Halfsister)

Grafting the wound becomes an intimate acknowledgment of the ache we often shy away from. The shown video work, installation and sculptures embody a fragile reciprocity between healing and hurting, with sensations akin to a pinch of salt—both stinging and curative. It invites us to break our emotional armor, embracing connections and understanding our hidden vulnerabilities. In this transformative journey, shields emerge from threads, weaving narratives that, rather than merely restoring, serve as a resilient and enduring act of self-discovery.

Petja Ivanova creates wearable sculptures working with the metaphor of the wound; the wound that has the stigma of opening and spoiling the body, the wound where we meet our vulnerability either compassionately or where we part from ourselves.

Tamara Margvelashvili explores the narratives and memories as remedies for mending the wounds. Interlacing songs, trauma, and ancestral wisdom, she creates multimedia installations to offer a space for healing and transformation.

Tamara Margvelashvili and Petja Ivanova

Weather Forecast

Vorspiel 2024
A citywide program by spaces and initiatives around
Transmediale and CTM festivals.

20.01.2023 at 5PM
By Levan Amashukeli in collaboration with culinary chef Dimitri (Ditrikha) Sharashidze.

Levan Amashukeli’s Weather Forecast is an exploration of personal transition against the backdrop of his move with his family from Tbilisi to Berlin. This exhibition captures the essence of his emotional journey through a series of expressive artworks and will be accompanied with the food especially crafted by acclaimed chef  Ditrikha for this installation. Ditrikha will create a visual and sensual food reflecting the message of the Weather Forecast.

In Weather Forecast, Levan invites viewers into a world where emotional barriers and the great potential of new beginnings coexist. The exhibition not only reflects his journey, but is also a powerful narrative of change and adaptation seen through the lens of an artist forging a new path in a foreign land.

At the center of the exhibition is a video installation. Complementing the video, hand-painted ceramic tiles continue the theme of contrasts and adaptation.These vividly illustrated tiles depict the struggle of being emotionally trapped and physically unbound at the same time.

The work shows the duality of freedom and restriction and reflects the complexity of his mental landscape amidst the bustling energy of Berlin.

Levan Amashukeli

Grandmother Film Festival

Program in English

Programm auf Deutsch

Grandmother Film Festival celebrates grandmothers by screening personal films and animations about them. In some films, the grandmother has already passed away but is present through her objects and the memories of the grandchild. Vulnerability and death are also present.

In films about grandmothers, we can often observe the diverse realities of old people in different countries. We encounter the daily routines of grandmothers and get the feeling of traveling to different countries, but not as tourists. Instead, we get permission to enter a very intimate situation from one family member, often the grandchild who takes us in a story that has begun a long time ago and does not end with this film either.

This festival takes place in the framework of CrossKultur

Songs for the Wounds

by Tamara Margvelashvili

Songs of the Wounds“ explores the pathways of healing. In between memories woven through songs, trauma and ancestral wisdom, Tamar holds on to the narratives as remedies. Through a special collaboration with the women’s ensemble Ialoni and stories from faraway mountains of Georgia, she offers a space for healing and transformation.

This project results from Tamar’s journey at the Raumstrategien program at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.

June 16-21 2023
Minute/Year: Seven Years

Kata Kovács and Tom O’Doherty

A presentation of an archive

Over the seven years from 2016 to 2022, Minute/Year has generated over 2500 one minute recordings – one for every day. This layered archive is a durational process, and and index which develops, mutates, and degrades over time.

For more info visit:

January 27-29 2023
Our Data Bodies

Luise Dieckmann, Daeun Joo, Marlon Nicolaisen, Juyeong Park, Rebekka Jamila aka Rakita, Lisa Rein, Yujin Song, Kuba Stepien, Mahsa Zarififar, Marina Zauzolkova

A show & program put together by Annika Haas and Petja Ivanova

Part of Transmediale Vorspiel 2022

and contributions by
Sarah Ciston, Lukas Graf, Kristof Trakal

and the collectively created

January 21-22, 2023

Lilli Kuschel

Part of Transmediale Vorspiel 2023

NEIGHBORS / non-human city life is a video installation by Lilli Kuschel about the life of crows in Berlin. This video installation follows crows in Berlin and explors a city in transformation. Rapid urbanisation is one of the most prevalent drivers for the loss of biodiversity, but crows are experts in adapting to city life. Intimate observations of key moments in the life of these highly intelligent birds and a visual research on how the animals rededicate Berlin’s changing cityscape and architecture open up new perspectives on a more-than-human-world.

Lilli Kuschel is an artist, filmmaker and camerawoman. She researches on urban ecologies, the „More-than-human“ and cohabitation at the University of Arts Berlin, where she teaches experimental film and media art.

November 28, 2022
Book Presentation

Book presentation of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial